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Deer Resistant Seeds

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    Deer are a problem or at least a nuisance to many gardeners. Although there are no deer-proof plants, there are many beautiful plants that offer Deer Resistance. Plants that have pungent odours or have hairy, spiny or tough foliage offer the most grazing resistance. This is not to say that inexperienced (young) deer may not have a taste to decide upon palatability. Also during times of extreme drought, any plant containing high moisture content can be a temporary target. Our Vancouver Island deer (Blacktail) have different tastes than Whitetail. But these plants once established will do the trick. If you are really intent on having a flower garden with plants that deer can not resist, then choose a section of your garden and put up a mesh deer fence around it. The fence should be at least 6 to 8 feet tall for best results and it lasts for many years and allows you to grow any plant you desire without the worry of feeding the local wildlife.

    Note: as a safety precaution for the deer to newly fenced gardens, it is advisable to tie ribbons of light fabric or biodegradable material every 6 feet or so as the fence may not be visible to a fast-moving deer and they could get caught up or tear down a fence by mistake.
    73 products
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