About Us

Brother Nature Heirloom Seeds has been growing and selling, openly pollinated, non-GMO, pesticide and chemical-free Annual, Perennial, Herb, and Vegetable seeds for 20 years. What started out as a hobby, flourished into a business, which bloomed into a lifestyle. Our mission is a passionate one. We take great pride in providing our buyers with seeds to plant a complete biodiverse garden, that is healthy, reliable, eco-friendly, and inexpensive.
Local buyers can call/text 250 661 2255 to pick up online orders or if they have any specific questions. Open to trades if it is something we haven’t already got in our private collection. Orders are processed in 5 to 7 days and dispersed to the chosen carriers every 3 to 5 days depending on order volumes. If you chose a faster shipping option we follow the protocol set for by that option. 

We are pleased that our rapidly growing customer base is a clear indication that our products are high in quality and priced to suit today’s thrifty market.

We also germination test all our seeds. We adjust our quantities in proportion to germination ratios, so that provided proper conditions, you should realize as many plants as the seed quantities state on the package or more. It’s that important to us that you can rely on our quality. Our selection is heavy on plants that provide food, beauty, interest, diversity and colour.

At Brother Nature we sell you trust. Enjoy your garden, and thank you for investing in sustainable agriculture!

Our Guarantee
All seed supplied by us is germination tested to ensure the highest possible quality. Quantities stated are generally exceeded by an inverse ratio to germination rates so that you can realize the full potential of the package quantities. However, even the highest quality product is perishable and success depends largely on cultivation, soil, and weather conditions. In the extremely rare event of a return, our liability is limited to the amount actually paid for the products purchased. We will replace or credit the amount paid, based on purchase date and validity of the claim. Safe Seed Pledge.

Our Products
All of Brother Natures seeds are grown without the aid of chemical fertilizer or pesticides and are non-GMO. No exceptions.

We take the safe seed pledge very seriously and will not waiver from our long established, healthy production techniques.

Shipping Rates & Purchasing Options
We ship in Canada Only. Unless otherwise prearranged by the buyer. Specific country conditions may apply.
FREE shipping on all orders over $30.00 Orders below $30.00 are just $5.25 shipping. New Faster Rates also available
Credit cards accepted online, at trade shows and upon pick up for locals buyers.
Regular Credit Cards and E-transfers will be processed after filling in the customer information below the Pay Pal button.
 If you have any questions please call 250-661-2255 for fastest service. Happy Healthy Gardening to you!!

Platform and other Changes
We take great pride in our passion and we are happy to answer any questions regarding the platform changes and upgrades.
Its quite simple really. To assist in keeping our costs lower while we redeveloped our business model and to suit the ever changing industry and the costs there of, we no longer offer certified organic seed. Absolutely nothing has changed in the way we maintain our seed gardens. As a matter of fact, we have been operating for 20 years 10 of those certified and the previous 10 years there were no such regulations. We haven't waivered from our naturally grown requirements and practices in our products since our business birth in March 2002. 

 We are very pleased to return to the original business model as it will also allow us to keep our prices low for our customers, still provide the same great product, as well as allow us to expand our offerings into a variety of other gardening products in the near future. Stay tuned!