Onion seeds grown to full onions on wooden table

Onion Seeds

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    Brother Nature Seeds offers a wide selection of Onion Seeds grown in Victoria, BC Canada. If you are looking to start growing Onion Seeds in your greenhouse, backyard, or on your patio, we offer a wide selection of high quality heirloom seeds. Browse our selection of Onion Seeds below.

    Onions are a main staple of many successful homesteads. The benefits of having them range from pest control from rabbits, aphids and beetles, to filling your stores and tummies with delicious vegetables, that you can be proud to say grew yourself.  Many plants in the garden thrive from having  certain  plant neighbor close by.  This is known as companion planting. Onions benefit crops like carrots, cabbage, beets, strawberries, lettuce and tomato and onions themselves improve in flavor by sharing a space with chamomile and summer savory.

    6 products
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