Poppy seeds grown into full poppies in a field

Poppy Seeds

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    Brother Nature Seeds offers a wide selection of Poppy Seeds grown in Victoria, BC Canada. If you are looking to start growing Poppy Seeds in your greenhouse, backyard, or on your patio, we offer a wide selection of high quality heirloom seeds. Browse our selection of Poppy Seeds below.

    Poppies are early bloomers whose bright color are welcomed by weary of winter gardeners. When planted in masses they are true show stoppers that grace your garden after the flurry of bulbs have finished and just before the summer gardens begin to show their bounty. Mixing it up by sowing a few different varieties is recommended if you are searching for a vibrant pop to wash away those winter blues. The seeds are outstandingly easy to collect for future years as their pods will signal they are ready by showing small openings at the top of the seed head that are not unlike a pepper shaker.  We have several to choose from that we are certain will tickle you fancy.

    13 products
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