Snapdragon seeds grown into full snapdragons

Snapdragon Seeds

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    Brother Nature Seeds offers a wide selection of Snapdragon Seeds grown in Victoria, BC Canada. If you are looking to start growing Snapdragon Seeds in your greenhouse, backyard, or on your patio, we offer a wide selection of high quality heirloom seeds. Browse our selection of Snapdragon Seeds below.

    Snapdragons are one of a bees favorite snack. Bees are able to pop open the mouth of the flower and crawl inside to harvest the pollen within.. Once they are established you'll be hard pressed to not see bees buzzing about it all season long.  Snapdragons are a noted cut and come flower. Cut and come flowers are known for blooming longer and stronger when their stunning blooms are picked and used in your floral bouquets. 

    Other stunning and noteworthy annual  cut and come flowers are zinnias, strawflower, calendula, Mexican sunflower, coreopsis and the much adored sweet pea

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