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Seed Details:
Producing brilliant orange or yellow flowers that add colour to your garden and salads. Known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, teas and tinctures can also be produced for internal and external ailments. Plant as a border in your garden to help repel harmful insects and attract early pollinating insects. Self-sows, making it a great soil stabilizer on sloped or disturbed areas.
Sow seeds 1 cm deep. Germinates in 10 to 15 days. Self-sows in warmer climates. Blooms straight through till fall, providing colour to your garden when all other plants are dying back.
Extremely versatile and easy to grow in any soil with good drainage. Prefers a slightly shaded area in hotter months but will flourish just about anywhere.
The word Calendula derives from the Latin word calens. Calens means the first day of the month. The Romans also gave it the name Marygold as the bloom period for Calendula coincided with the festival that celebrated the Virgin Mary. There is also a Greek legend about four wood Nymphs that fell in love with Apollo the Sun God. The Nymphs became jealous of each other and neglected their duties to Apollo's sister Goddess Diana. This upset her so she turned them into four dull white flowers. This, in turn, upset Apollo who used his most golden rays to colour the flowers the brilliant golden colour we see today.
Historic Uses:
Calendula has a history of having anti-inflammatory properties. Great for wound healing, minor burns (including sunburn), eczema, peptic ulcers and sore throat.
Seed #:119
Variety:Pot Marigold
Temperature (C):18 - 22
Blooms:June to September
Site:Full Sun or Part Shade
Height (cm):30 - 35
Spread (cm):25 - 30
Drought Tolerant
Attracts Butterflies