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Carrot - Tender Sweet

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Seed Details:
This variety provides a very uniform crop of 8 to 10 inch, deep orange carrot whose colour doesn't fade when cooked or steamed. A very sweet and almost coreless carrot with crisp flesh and sweet flavour.
Direct sow carrots outdoors 1.5 inches deep when the earth can be worked. The bed should be worked deep into the soil to allow carrots to grow unencumbered by tightly packed soil. Thin to 2" per plant and spread rows 15" apart for best results.
Prefers rich,well-drained, full sun location. Carrots thrive when planted near lettuce, chives, leeks, rosemary, sage, peas and wormwood and marigolds.
Carrots were first cultivated in the Mediterranean in 500 BC. They were purple, yellow and white. when they were introduced to Europe in the 1600s.In the 17th century, Japan developed the carrot we see in grocery stores today.
Historic Uses:
Vitamin A is known for helping people preserve good vision and can prevent " night blindness.
Seed #:508
Variety:Tender Sweet
Temperature (C):10 - 15
Blooms:70 days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):25 - 30
Spread (cm):5 - 7