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Crocosmia - Montbretia

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Seed Details:
Warm bright orange flowers, on gracefully arched stems that rise above the leaves. An absolute magnet for Hummingbirds. Crocosmia is a semi-drought tolerant, deer resistant, corm forming plant. Crocosmia's broad, sword-like leaves are attractive even when the plants are not in bloom and is a sought after plant for cut-flower bouquets for adding height and volume. From a landscape designer's view, crocosmia is low maintenance while adding a spiked interest to any garden space.
Direct Sow. 3 mm deep. Germination is 7 to 20 days. Sow indoors 6 weeks before the last frost. Transplant when the temperature stated allows. These seeds form corms the first year and may need winter protection in the form of a thick mulch in colder climates. After corms are formed in the first year, the plant will continue to grow and produce flowers in the second or third year of growth. Once established, it will continue its life cycle by flowering, producing seed from uncut flowers, that drops to the ground, (recommended for larger patches to form easily) in and amongst the already established corms. The seed it drops will begin to form into a corm and the cycle begins again.
Crocosmia will grow well in any location and provide ample stunning blooms. Mulching it with rich compost and semi-regular water will double this plant's size and bloom.
Seed #:437
Variety:Falling Stars
Temperature (C):16 - 22
Blooms:July to August
Site:Full Sun/Part Shade
Height (cm):55 - 60
Spread (cm):60 - 80
Great Cutflower
Attracts Butterflies