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Evening Primrose

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Seed Details:
Native to Eastern North America this easy-growing plant has yellow, slightly phosphorescent flowers with a modest lemon scent that open in the evenings. All parts of this plant are edible; flowers as a salad garnish leaves cooked as greens and the roots boiled like potatoes. Provides flowers from summer to frost.
Instruction: Surface sow or barely cover seeds. Germ. 7-28 days
Full Sun. Grows on roadsides in meadows and dry gravelly areas.
Seeds were used by the Lakota Indians as an aromatic, mixed with other herbs as a stimulant; the Cherokee used the leaves for tea to cure obesity and the Ojibwa made a tea of the whole plant to apply to bruises. Is an excellent way to attract butterflies and hummingbirds like a magnet.
Seed #:421
Colour:Lemon Yellow
Temperature (C):18 - 21
Site:Full Sun/Part shade
Height (cm):180 - 150
Spread (cm):20 - 30
Attracts Butterflies