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Radish - French Breakfast

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Seed Details:
Medium Length with scarlet roots. Longer type radishes. That can be grown in warmer weather than round types. Plant in full shade in warm months to help resist bolting.
Direct sow 2 mm deep when the earth can be worked in early Spring. Fast grower.
Ancient records in Egypt show that radishes were a common food staple. It is believed that radishes made their first appearance in China around 500 BC.
Historic Uses:
Radish can be planted to discourage cucumber beetle, squash bug, and stink bug. Eating fresh radish before mealtime improves digestion and eliminates acidity and wind. Eating radish daily is very effective in preventing eyesight ailments.
Seed #:142
Variety:French Breakfast
Colour:Red & White
Temperature (C):10 - 20
Blooms:45 days
Site:Full Sun or Part Shade
Height (cm):10 - 15
Spread (cm):4 - 6