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Ghost Cherry Tomato

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Seed Details:
Ghost Cherry produces clusters of 1-1.5" creamy white tomatoes with yellow shoulders and very thin skins. Has a very sweet, mild flavour perfect for fresh eating, using in salads and as a garnish.
Sow indoors 1 to 2 cm deep, 2 to 3 months before transplanting outside. After seedlings have set 2 sets of true leaves transplant to small containers until the plant is established. It is now safe to transplant it once more to its final home. Containers work well for many tomatoes, allowing them to be moved in inclement weather. Does very well in a greenhouse but not required. Outdoor sowing requires direct sowing after last frost and thin to suit your space. Good drainage. Full Sun (6 to 8 hours) and even moisture are recommended for best results.
Full Sun and evenly moist. Does well out doors or in a greenhouse. Very prolific, needs ample space and staking is recommended as it may topple when heavy with harvest.
Historic Uses:
Like all tomatoes they are high in vitamin A and C. They aid in cardiovascular health and some studies say Alzheimer disease.
Seed #:517
Variety:Ghost Cherry
Colour:Ivory white/yellow
Temperature (C):18 - 22
Blooms:June-Oct. 75 Days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):120 - 200
Spread (cm):60 - 70
Deer Resistant