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Corn - Glass Gem (Rare)

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Seed Details:
Produces plants that grow 1 to 4 ears 3 to 8 inches long depending on the length of growing season, conditions and size of the plant. Proper conditions can yield plants at 5 to 10ft tall. It is a very unique ornamental corn that produces glassy decorative kernels in a wide variety of colours. Dried kernels can be used to produce cornmeal or small white popcorn. VERY RARE! Gorgeous for decorating and crafts.
Corn prefers direct sowing at a 3 to 5 cm depth in May. Warm weather crop. Optimum germination temperature is 65 degrees.
Full Sun
Seed #:468
Variety:Glass Gem
Colour:mulit colored
Temperature (C):12 - 20
Blooms:80 to 90 days
Site:Full sun
Height (cm):90 - 120
Spread (cm):30 - 30
Attracts Butterflies