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Green Onions - Evergreen

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Seed Details:
This non-bulbing onion is the best choice for green onion for fresh consumption. Produces clusters of five to ten-inch long stalks, with crisp silver-white stalks. Grow in light, friable soil for best results. This Evergreen bunching onions have a fairly high cold hardiness level which affords the ability to be planted in early Spring or Fall planting.
Sow 3 to 6 mm deep in early Spring. 3 to 13 days to germinate.
It is advised not to plant onions near peas, beans, parsley and leeks. However, carrots, beetroot, cabbage lettuce and tomato really appreciate their company in the garden.
Seed #:456
Variety:Nibuka (white bunching)
Temperature (C):10 - 29
Blooms:65 to 120 days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):20 - 25
Spread (cm):10 - 12
Deer Resistant