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Kentucky Wonder Beans

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Seed Details:
Delicious and distinct flavor! Often described as having "no equal" in green snap/pole beans. Plant grows 5 -7 ft tall and produce clusters of crisp yet tender, non fibourous, somewhat rumpled looking beans pods, up to nne inches long. Excellent fresh,dried, cooked,canned or frozen young. Plants are rust resistant. Stringless and very tender when picked young.
Direct seed 3 to 5 mm deep when temperature is as stated below or sow indoors and transplant when temperatures outdoors are 18 to 20 degrees.
Needs Staking
Seed #:330
Variety:Old Homestead
Temperature (C):12 - 15
Blooms:60 days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):160 - 225
Spread (cm):5 - 10
Attracts Butterflies