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Lettuce Lolla Rosa

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Seed Details:
Looks beautiful in mixed salads and as a garnish. Lolla Rosa lettuce produces showy red leaves with frilled edges that are high in nutrients and mild in flavour. The plants form very loose 7 inch wide heads that are slow to bolt, producing over a long period of time and are perfect for cut and come again harvests.
Direct seed 1 to 2 cm deep at 20-30 cm apart. For season-long harvest sow successive crops by planting every 2 weeks or each time you harvest depending on your family's consumption.
Seed #:536
Variety:Lolla Rosa
Temperature (C):4 - 19
Blooms:72 Days
Site:Zone 2 and up
Height (cm):20 - 30
Spread (cm):20 - 30