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Parsley - Moss Curled

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Seed Details:
Parsley flavour complements any dish without ever dominating the taste. This variety features deep green, ruffled foliage and has a vigorous growth habit. It is a biennial or tender perennial that when planted with roses enhances its fragrance. Also used extensively as a garnish and for its superior breath-freshening qualities.
Direct seed when the earth can be worked. Easy to grow. Appreciates cool roots so mulching with a light straw is beneficial and may prevent early bolting. Easy to grow once established. Gently prune to encourage it to bush out.
Well-drained nutrient-rich soil and protection from the extreme afternoon sun are encouraged.
Seed #:129
Variety:Moss Curled
Temperature (C):10 - 15
Blooms:July to September
Site:Full Shade or Part Shade
Height (cm):25 - 40
Spread (cm):25 - 30
Attracts Butterflies