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Corn - Peaches & Cream

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Seed Details:
Sweet, Crisp and Tasty. Plant in staggered rows for best pollination. Produces 6 - 8 " long cobs. Pick when silk is brown and kernels emit milky looking juice when pierced. Delicious fresh or creamed.
Corn prefers direct sowing at a 3 to 5 cm depth in May. Provide shade to its roots with mulch and or plant squash beneath for a natural sun and critter barrier warm-weather crop.
Full sun. Planting Squash as a ground cover between coming stalks encourages larger kernels as even moisture, is naturally held under the shade of the squash plants' large leaves. This practice also deters rabbits and squirrels as they dislike not being able to see above their heads because of their own flighted predators. Corn is a warm-weather crop that requires even moisture for the cobs and kernels to develop.
Corn is an ancient selectively bred vegetable that has been a staple of the human diet for 1000s of years.
Seed #:151
Temperature (C):15 - 20
Blooms:85 days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):150 - 170
Spread (cm):30 - 30