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Radish Mix

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Seed Details:
Perfect for small home gardens, this mix offers a variety of colours, flavours and harvest times in one row. Avoids having to much at one time and you'll start harvesting in 3 weeks. Includes white, pink, red, purple varieties that will add colour & flavour to salads and garnishes alike. Great for companion planting.
Direct seed with light cover as soon as the earth can be worked at 5 to 10mm deep. Radishes like cooler weather conditions so it is advisable to provide some shade in hotter months to prevent bolting.
Cool, nutrient-rich soil that remains moist, not wet, will ensure less bolting. Hill up around the bases once the bulb starts to form to Protect radish from the hot afternoon sun and encourage a larger root bulb. Best grown in early Spring and Fall plantings.
It is believed that radishes made their appearance in China around 500 BC. The ancient Chinese selectively bred them until they acquired ones with a milder taste and a longer root, which is also how the Daikon Radish was developed.
Seed #:223
Colour:Reds & Whites
Temperature (C):10 - 20
Blooms:45 days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):10 - 15
Spread (cm):4 - 6