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Spinach - Red Mountain Orach

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Seed Details:
Adds texture, colour and flavour to salads. Red Mountain Spinach can grow to 5 or 6 feet making it an attractive edible plant whose succulent leaves do not bitter if they bolt. Produces a beautiful bloom, so if you're able, let one go to seed. The seed provided by the plant will attract beneficial birds and insects to your garden as well as provide you with an attractive conversation piece. Grows best in a sunny and well-drained location. Sow seed directly when the earth can be worked and temperatures and after the last frost. The leaves are extremely tender when harvested young.
Direct sow 1/4 inch 1/2cm deep in early spring or in late summer. Cold Tolerant.
Orach is presumed to be native to western Asia and then naturalized in North America and Europe.
Seed #:160
Variety:Heirloom Orache
Temperature (C):10 - 20
Blooms:45 days
Site:Part Shade
Height (cm):180 - 200
Spread (cm):10 - 12