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Lettuce - Summer Bibb

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Seed Details:
Summer Bibb is a very quick growing variety with good heat resistance for Summer growing. Produces lightly bunched naturally blanched heads of very clean crisp and tasty green leaves dotted with season-long red spots.
Direct seed 1 to 2 cm deep at 20-30 cm apart. For season-long harvest sow successive crops (plant every 2 weeks) or each time you harvest depending on your family's consumption.
Lt. John B. Bibb served in the War of 1812, represented Logan County in the Kentucky House of Representatives and the state Senate from 1827 to 1834. Lt. Bibb was also an amateur horticulturist and developed the Bibb lettuce we know and love today. However, it wasn't offered commercially until 1935.
Seed #:535
Variety:Summer Bibb
Colour:Light Green
Temperature (C):4 - 19
Blooms:43 Days
Site:Zone 2
Height (cm):20 - 30
Spread (cm):20 - 30