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Sweet Peas - Early Multiflora

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Seed Details:
Magnificently scented flowers in a wide range of solid colours. This variety is great for covering walls and creating privacy screens as its vines can reach from 6 to 10ft. It is also cold hardy so it can be planted very early in Spring or as a fall flower in cold frames in places with mild winters. Sweet peas love to be picked and will keep producing when some of their flowers are collected regularly.
Plant 2 to 3 cm beneath the soil at 5 cm apart in early Spring. Sweet peas like most peas in general appreciate a cooler start in life. In temperate climates, they can be sown as early as late January to early February for optimal results. In colder climate sown as instructed when your earth can be easily worked. Provide a way for them to climb for the best results.
Introduced in 1928
Seed #:185
Variety:Early Multiflora
Colour:Red, purple, pink, white
Temperature (C):15 - 17
Blooms:July to September
Site:Full Sun or Part Shade
Height (cm):182 - 304
Spread (cm):3 - 5
Great Cutflower
Attracts Butterflies