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Walking Stick Cabbage

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Seed Details:
A tasty and fun plant to grow in the vegetable garden. People have been making walking sticks from these plants for centuries. Prefers rich, moist soil until established for best results. Harvest the leaves which grow along with the stock as needed. Provide moist, well-fertilized soil and shelter. Harvest edible leaves from bottom-up from September to October and through winter in mild climates. Plants that overwinter will increase in height in the second year before blooming.
Sow late March to April 1 to 2 cm deep. 10 to 14 days.
Transplant seedlings to 30cm apart when the second set of leaves appear. Firm plants in well and water well until established.
Walking stick cabbage was an essential staple used in farming to feed livestock in the 1800's.
Seed #:179
Colour:Vegetable & Ornamental
Temperature (C):15 - 25
Blooms:180 to 300 days
Site:Full Sun or Part Shade
Height (cm):180 - 220
Spread (cm):30 - 90
Attracts Butterflies