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Onion - Welsh

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Seed Details:
Also known as Japanese bunching onion or scallion. This onion does not produce bulbs but instead clumps of large hollow leaves, up to 50 cm tall, and is cold hardy. A plentiful early option of using flowering chives or other onion greens in salad, sandwiches and other dishes. Provides white globe-shaped flowers in late Spring making it a desirable pest deterring companion plant. Deer resistant!
Direct Sow March to May at 5 to 10mm deep. Germination 10 to 14 days.
This species originated in Asia and the name Welsh onion is a misnomer in the English language. Allium fistulosum is not native to Wales. The word Welsh preserves the original meaning Old German "welsche", meaning "foreign.
Seed #:272
Temperature (C):18 - 25
Blooms:2nd year bloomer
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):40 - 50
Spread (cm):3 - 5
Deer Resistant
Attracts Butterflies