Peppers- Cayenne

Peppers- Cayenne

Peppers- Cayenne

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If you are looking for an abundance of hot peppers in your garden then Ring of Fire Cayenne pepper will suit your needs perfectly. Great for all dishes that require a good punch of heat. Fantastic for that hot salsa you love. We offer al the ingredient to grow your own salsa. Ring of Fire are prolific producers of 3 to 4 in long peppers that also dry very easily for longer storage.


Sow seeds 1 cm deep indoors about six weeks before the last expected frost. For most locations, this will be between January and March. Replant your seedlings in larger pots after they have at least 2 sets of true leaves or are at least 2 inches tall. In two more weeks move outdoors to a bright, well-drained but moist location. Prepare your peppers for the outdoors before they actually go outside safely, by letting a small fan blow on them or taking them outdoors in a protected location for a few hours a day. Water regularly but know that as a rule peppers and tomatoes benefit from backing off of the water near the end of the season. This encourages the plants existing fruits to ripen faster. Peppers require 8 to 12 hours of sun a day and will enjoy the warmest location in your garden.

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Deer Resistant
Seed #:610
Variety:Ring Of Fire
Temperature (C):18 - 20
Blooms:August to October
Height (cm):60 - 85
Spread (cm):80 - 95

Peppers are said to stimulate digestive juices and work against the acidity in your digestive tract. Peppers are known to be rich in antioxidants and other compounds that can soothe digestive issues such as ulcers, upset stomachs, cramps, intestinal gas, and even aiding in ceasing diarrhea and clearing bad breathe.

Cayenne is though to have originated in Central and South America in pre-Columbian times. Records show that cayenne peppers were cultivated in Mexico 7,000 years ago and in Peru 4,000 years ago.


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I’ve purchased seeds from this company twice and both transactions were pleasant. I really loved the diversity and quality of the various seeds sold. My first purchase was three varieties of cherry tomatoes, lime basil, speckled lettuce, kale, French radish, cilantro and parsley. I called today and had an amazing 25 minute conversation about what seeds could work for my balcony garden as it transitions into fall. They are very knowledgeable, passionate and kind. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer friends or family to this small business as my preference is to shop local. I will be purchasing through them going forward as they were helpful and the quality of seeds are great.

Sarah Solaczek
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These folks ship very promptly, their shipping fees are fair and their seeds are of high quality with a strong yield. They recommended.

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I went a bit crazy this year and ordered seeds from large and small companies all over Canada. The Brother Nature website is enjoyable to browse, and I like how the seeds can be viewed by weather and light conditions, and perennials by hardiness zone. I feel that their prices, shipping offer, and the seed quantities are very reasonable. My Brother Nature order arrived in good time right along with the other seed orders placed at the same time, and their packaging was simple and environmentally-friendly.

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I buy more and more seeds from Brother Nature each year! They offer excellent quality seeds, competitive prices, and great service! I enjoy the variety of seeds they carry and their seed envelopes have more info than your regular packet, even some history/origin behind the seeds, which I find very fun and interesting. Highly recommended.

Shantelle Skinner
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They have the best customer service. I always get my orders quickly. I love to try different types of seeds and I always have to many so I share with friends. I planted my garden later then normal but I got a great yummy crop. Brother Nature is the only place a get my seeds from, they are the best!

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