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Cucumber - Lemon

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Seed Details:
A plentiful producer of crunch 2.5 to 3 inch, non-bitter but sweet and mild-tasting fruit. Lemon Cucumbers are best harvested at a lemon size, just as the skin begins to change to a yellow colour. They can also be pickled when fully ripe Excellent salad toppers and firm enough for decorative garnishes.
Plant 1 to cm deep. 3 seeds per hill 2 weeks after the last frost. Grow in rich soil in full sun. Can be sown early indoors in bright light and transplanted when the second set of true leaves appear when the temperature allows.
Like many cucumbers, you can grow with or without a trellis.
Introduced in 1894 from Australia
Historic Uses:
Its skin is most valuable as the cell salts and vitamins are in and near it. The cucumber is a dependable laxative food. It helps treat urinary tract disorders and has long been known for its use as a beauty aid.
Seed #:575
Temperature (C):18 - 21
Blooms:58 days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):12 - 140
Spread (cm):30 - 40