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Seed Details:
A tasty grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. Its leaves are also eaten as a leaf vegetable. Quinoa is very high in amino acids and protein. High levels of lysine - an essential amino acid for creating protein in this rediscovered Super Food.
Sow 1 to 2 cm deep in early Spring when the earth can be worked. Very quick to germinate and an extremely healthy addition to your diet.
The earliest known use of Quinoa hails from Bolivia, where evidence of the native Bolivian community cultivating the seeds was apparent. They believe the plant to be so versatile its used to heal certain kinds of diseases as well.
Seed #:311
Variety:Chenopodium album
Temperature (C):5 - 7
Blooms:80 days
Site:Full Sun
Height (cm):25 - 35
Spread (cm):4 - 5
Attracts Butterflies