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Sweet Peas - Bijou Mix

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Seed Details:
These sweet, sweet, Sweet Peas will bring you back to when you were a child and first noticed flowers could smell good. Produces spicy-sweet blooms in a wide range of colours. Plant in early Spring and cut often to encourage blooms all summer long. Perfect for confined spaces and does well in large pots.
Plant 2 cm deep at 5 cm apart in early Spring. Soak seeds overnight for quicker germination if desired. In warmer climates, you can sow sweet peas as early as the end of February. Perfect choice for cutting. Sweet Peas can be planted early in Springs and enjoy having cool moist roots and sun for its leaves and flowers. Cutting flowers will encourage blooms. Provide trellis support for the best result. Leave flowers on the vine to allow to turn to seed for free future plantings
Seed #:295
Variety:Bijou Mix
Colour:pink,white, purple and red
Temperature (C):15 - 17
Blooms:July to September
Site:Full Sun or Part Shade
Height (cm):120 - 180
Spread (cm):3 - 5
Great Cutflower
Attracts Butterflies